I've had at least 3 appointments to get a gas meter installed from national grid. Each time they found something that wasn't "done right" without specific instructions on how they needed the work completed.

My husband finally found code for how to install a bonding wire for our furnace and installed it to code. I called to make an appointment for the next day between 8-10am. They never called or showed up. I called around 10:15am and the rep.

told me the technician had been to my property around 8:30am and said the line wasn't ready for a meter to be connected. This was untrue as no one had been out and it had be ready for over a month. After a 10 minute wait, the operator then told me the technician came out and and someone on the property informed him we weren't ready for the work to be done. After telling the women that was incorrect, she insisted it was and said since the technician had already been out, she could not send him back that day.

After requesting to speak with a supervisor, I was then put on hold for another 10-15 minutes. The same women came back on and told me the technician actually never came out because he got called away on an emergency.

She then set a new appointment for that day. Very unprofessional to lie to a customer and only help when they request a supervisor.

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