I called into customer service to have my new service turned on. Hold time 3 MINUTES:

Apparently I owed some money to KeySpan back in 2006. I didn't even have my old account number, but it was in my name so I agreed to pay it.

The woman told me I needed to pay a minimum of $145. toward the balance. She wasn't able to process the payment at that time, she gave me the account number and instructed me to pay it by phone or online. TOTAL CALL TIME: 8 MINUTES

I was unable to do either since there was no current account open with that number.

I called back into customer service and was on hold for 9 MINUTES, a man came on the line and saw where I had to make a payment of $145, he WAS able to accept a payment, and I paid $200. He gave me a confirmation #, and was told that I would be free to have new service turned on in my name. BUT This nit-wit couldn't do it for me. TOTAL CALL TIME 14 MINUTES

I called in for the 3rd time. HOLD TIME 6 MINUTES

This time another man answered and I explained that I needed gas turned on in my name. He told me that I needed to pay $288. toward my balance. I calmly explained that I had been told $145. and that I had a confirmation number stating I had paid $200. on it. He wouldn't accept the confirmation number and said he couldn't process anything without a payment of $288. I offered him a payment of $88. to get things moving and he wouldn't process it for under $288. THEN He added, there would be a $2.25 processing fee. A fee that was not mentioned in the previous calls. I asked to speak with a manager. After a 12 MINUTE hold, a Senior Rep gets on the phone. NOT A MANAGER, tells me he will "coach the rep" and he still needs $88. more... TOTAL CALL TIME 44 MINUTES

Ready to choke a Senior Rep... I hung up the phone and took a breather, it's 4:00 pm on Friday, I called back at 5:00.

1 MINUTE hold time, collections guy gets on the phone says I owe $145, I give him the confirmation number and he applies the payment and I am good to go. TOTAL CALL TIME 8 MINUTES.


I wasted 72 MINUTES of my day trying to turn my service on, in total less than 5 of that were spent taking a payment and turning on my service.

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