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National Grid
Main address: Floor 4 1-3 Strand WC2N 5EH London
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  • 35+3 mobile complaints
  • $44.9K claimed losses
  • $1.2K average
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  • 2 days ago
  • Utility
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Gas Supplier
  • 10

I am a tenant at 231 68th. Street - Apt. 2C - Brooklyn NY 11220. On Friday night Nov. 21, we went to sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night feeling very cold and the apartment was ice cold, we raised the thermostat to high, to no avail. In the morning we tried to turn on the stove to make tea, but we also have no gas. We had a little hot water. My wife went to ask the neighbors if... Read more

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Can't believe you are raising your rates again! Gas prices are down! I have all electric apartment. 1202 square feet and in the winter close off fifty percent of it cause I can't afford to heat it. You are money hungry thieves! Add comment


  • Nov 19
  • Utility
  • Gas Meter
  • 9

I've had at least 3 appointments to get a gas meter installed from national grid. Each time they found something that wasn't "done right" without specific instructions on how they needed the work completed. My husband finally found code for how to install a bonding wire for our furnace and installed it to code. I called to make an appointment for the next day between 8-10am. They never called or... Read more

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  • Nov 16
  • Utility
  • Troy, New York
  • Utility Service
  • 6

Showed up on the 5 th business day and didn't connect power called the public service center to lodge a complaint to no avail ,,, public service is not there to help you as you may think they work hand and hand with the grid and as the grid raises your prices and the grid wins more claims the public service center makes more money so despite what we think and what are taxes go for its a waste of... Read more

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Outage in neighborhood since 2 am now 3:40 pm. Told online fix would be at 4:30 pm now they say 6:30. Cannot talk to a HUMAN BEING just obnoxious phone tapes. Cannot get into garage to get car or use it to charge phone. 40 degrees in house. I want answers. Thanks, NG for being "with me and for me." Lousy customer service. LOUSY. Add comment


  • Oct 20
  • Utility
  • Electronic Transfer Error
  • 38

Customer for 20 years (in good standing). One small electronic transfer error and they (attempt) to make me feel small, terrible, almost dirty. As we say in New England, "whatevah" National Grid - you suck! Canceled account and went with alternative supplier who gave me 20,000 USAirways frequent flyer miles (thank you) and a lower rate. Did I complain when Irene knocked out service for DAYS... Read more

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  • Oct 11
  • Utility
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Bill Collection
  • 34

I moved 3 months ago. I thought I had taken care of all the loose ends however a COLLECTION agency sent me a bill today on behalf of National Grid. I called National Grid to pay the bill if it was due. They claimed this is for my last bill and claimed they sent the bill to the new address. This is not true. You would also expect a reputable business to send an overdue notice as well. They... Read more

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  • Oct 03
  • Utility
  • Gas Service
  • 1
  • 1
  • 49

My Name is Jay Russell. I had a appointment with national grid to trun my electric and gad service on 10/3/14.My appointment was scheduled between 8am-4pm.I waited tell 10pm for them show up and i called the company 4 times every hour to let them know that I'm still waiting but no one showed up and nor has anyone call to let me know that they're not coming today. I live 1 hour away from my... Read more

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So im trying to turn on my electricity. But the rep. Is telling me they cant my address. I give them my meter number they cant find that. So I call the emergency number I get the same result. Wth. Am I suppose to do. This is the worst I EVER had to deal with. Add comment


  • Aug 21
  • Utility
  • Wrong Bill
  • 46

if so where have you been since Sandy as in "HURRICANE SANDY" keep locking my meter up and I will keep cutting it off..when I send my payments monthly that means i'm heating my house and using the hot water isn't brain send me a letter of no payment on a meter that isn't mine,but keep cashing my checks with my address on them,DAH...figure it out!!!!and at the bottom of the NG... Read more

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